Past Earthly Media Competition

Past EM’s 2018 Medialympics

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October 31, 2017

-*-*-Live, breaking news from outer space-*-*-

Past EM Medialympics Competition Banner

This is an event for ages that will shake the cosmos!

Past Earthly Media is an otherworldly producer of all things that shine, below, emit color, make your ears ring, and generally bring a new lens to your life.

Prepare For Mind-Blowing, Massive Media!

2018’s closed-quarters media combat competition is inbound; can you handle it? Get ready for a trip because we’re bringing in the best video producers, musicians, Internet geeks and thought leaders from the galaxy and pitting them head to head in the ultimate battle of creativity.

Only the boldest and bravest will survive… Who will make the cut? You may even be asking yourself “is it possible to compare search engine optimization wizardry to video production, or music to event planning and not come off as obscene and irrelevant?”. Don’t worry…it’s never been done before, so we’re in the green!

Stay in your seat and we’ll see you in 2018.

And keep Buszy while you’re at it!